Hi! My name is Lisa and I’m a photography student. I am currently studying an Art and Design Foundation Diploma in the South of England.

I’ve been studying Photography and Art for years now, I’ve tried a variety of styles of each and I am slowing learning what I like to do and what I’m not so keen on. ¬†Please feel free to look at my Digital Portfolio, which I update frequently with new exciting work:¬†https://www.flickr.com/photos/capturedbydoyle/albums

Influences and Why?:

My main influences are Artists/Photographers such as Jeff Krol, Andy Warhol, Banksy and many more. I love how a photograph can relate to some many people and situations in life, many photos are timeless. A photo taken in the 1950’s can relate to a challenge in someone’s life now. Photography is an exciting way of documenting the world as it is and as time goes on, people will be able to look back at it and see how life was and what people were interested in. Even the most abstract work can show future generations what the world of photography was like in a certain era.

Current equipment:

My current photography equipment consists of:

  • DSLR Camera: Nikon D5100
  • Film Camera: Olympus
  • A selection of Lenses, flash lights etc.
  • Digital manipulation: Photoshop, Vscocam and Pixlr