Designer Sales UK

After industry week I was asked to help out at and take photos at a Designer sales UK event. Before the day I didn’t know what to expect and I was very nervous, but once I got there and met the lovely people I relaxed.

While traveling up to London I had a chance to contemplate how i felt, i wrote a few words on my phone notes: ‘ I am nervous but I am also excited because this is a huge opportunity and i hope from today i will either find i love this style or i dislike it, and therefore  know i don’t want to continue. This is my first out of college experience and i am very nervous, but lets see what today brings.’

Before the sale opened up to the public we had to help the designers set up their stools, this included getting the clothes out of bags and onto racks, counting stock and handing out flyers. After the doors had opened we had a chance to help customers, take photos and even dress someone in the clothes for a quick photo shoot. I feel the photos came out really well and I am definitely pleased with the overall outcome of the day.



The day was long but after I felt a sense of pride and confidence. I got past the worry and nervousness and managed to have an enjoyable day. From this experience I now know that I enjoy this style of photography and I would gladly do it again. I wanted to put my own style in the photos, by creating arty and exciting images, which evidently Elaine ( the owner) has used for social media, advertisement and her website. I am very grateful for the opportunity.


When taking the photos I decided to use a normal shutter, ISO and aperture, and only changed it if I felt it was needed, the lighting was natural as the venue had large windows so artificial lighting wasn’t used, not causing me an issue. The only equipment I used was my camera. I also found it necessary to ask the permission of anyone, whose face was in my photos, this was requested by Elaine in the brief.

Here are a selection of the images i took below…



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