Elizabethan Theatre Outcome…

The same day as doing the photo shoot in collaboration with the Costume design, Theatre and make-up departments at Northbrook, I was excited to see how the images came out and as soon as I got home I uploaded the photos and started editing them.


In this shoot I decided to use a high contrasted lighting system, mainly illuminating one half of the face while the other half was in shadow in a Chiaroscuro style. I used a combination of large apertures and medium shutter speeds, with a relatively low ISO for a shoot like this, I didn’t want too much grain on the photos so I had the ISO as low as possible. I also used a combination of JPEG¬†and RAW, this would later give me a larger range of ways to digitally manipulate.



I started by using JPEGs and editing them to make them darker and the background more black as the backdrop ended up looking more grey from the way the lights were set up. The effect I was getting just wasn’t how I wanted it, so my brain was nagging at me to try with the RAWs. Ultimately I’m thankful for that nag, the way I could manipulate the shadow and highlights and the darkness of the backdrop as well as the model was so satisfying. Finally I found a way I wanted my images to look! So far I have been able to edit about 30-35 images out of the 450 I took on the day. Each had a similar style of development, I would change the shadows etc. while the photo was in the RAW format and then convert it to a JPEG and use the patch tool to remove the line with was created by the two walls connecting.

Overall I am delighted with how they came and I plan to develop this style/ idea into more shoots and develop my practise further. This was an opportunity I am glad I took and has 100% boosted my confidence.
When I had finished the photo shoot and was sitting in my car, the first moment to my self for hours, I was able to think about the events of the day and it solidified in my mind that I want to be a photographer and I am good enough to do this.



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