Industry week: Isobel Smith

Isobel Smith was originally a sculptor in Brighton, but developed a fascination for life and death. Using her skill-set she started using puppets to express emotion and drama.


This is how she progressed within the art mediums. (above)

During this talk she told us about a few of her past projects, each different, but using puppets. In her project ‘Biting the Dust’ she used puppets and taxidermy in an alternative version of red riding hood. Within her short film she used slow movements to convey a sense of drama and increase intensity. By moving the fox fur she had slowly, it made the audience feel the fox was moving quickly and almost tricks the viewer. She added the intricate details into the background; however these were less noticeable when first looking at the film. I really like how you can watch the short film and find new details within them every time you watch. Below is a screenshot from this short film…

Screenshot 2017-03-15 20.31.14.png

Another project she was involved was for the Brighton festival. This included her designing the inside of an old bathing machine. She designed the outside and worked in collaboration with a local artist to create an old rustic feel. The inside showed a scene full of sea memories: mermaids, dead souls of seamen. The audience participation element of this piece was the perspective the viewers got, when the machine was aged they added knot holes, giving a selective view and allowed the artist to choose where the eye focused on. each part of the design had to be careful thought about, including the lighting, which used a bed sheet to help with back lighting and make the scene more mysterious.

The piece of work, photographed above, that linked  the most to my work, was a music video created for Liz Green for her original song ‘RYBKA’ (2014). I really liked the outcome of this video and watching the behind the scenes video inspired me to look into how I use lighting and see how shadows can be used to create powerful messages and imagery. Before making the video she worked using a storyboard, I could use this idea in my work, by planning out photo-shoots like this I can get my ideas down visually instead of just writing them down. ( Photos above)


From this talk I got a lot of inspiration to try new styles of media and photography. I a planing on using more shadows, in a similar way to her music video and to the shadows we created earlier in the course when creating 3D models. Isobel Smith uses her medium to tell a story and words after being criticised previously for her work. I later did a workshop with Isobel Smith and she introduced us to the way of creating puppets and character.

Photos sourced from: 15/03/17                                                     15/03/17





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