Double Exposure: Projection

Recently I was advised to look into double exposure using projection. I had never thought about trying this style of photography before and now I’m really glad I gave it a go. My goal for this photo-shoot was to experiment with projection onto model’s faces. I decided to use images with different subjects and colours to truly get a fully successful experiment.  I started by using an acetate projector, but soon found out the projection wasn’t strong enough, therefore no detail showed up on the model’s face. After this I moved onto using a digital projector which was connected to a computer, allowing me to use a wider variety of my own photos.


This photograph is one of the most successful (and one of my favourite) images from the shoot. I used a photo I had previously taken of red leafs, this created a patterned effect over the face. Separately the subjects are recognisable; however they become less familiar when together. This is due to the abstraction caused by the curves of the face, the harsh lines over the face, which give a geometric look and the colours used in this photograph . I think this was successful due to the focal point being the facial features, despite these not being instantly identifiable.



These photos are interesting because they the colours used in them are complimentary which makes them aesthetically pleasing to the eye. For these images I tried different angles to explore this idea to the full. I love how the eyes almost glow and as the light from the projection shines on them. The photograph projected on top is a naturally high contrasted tree, which was taken on a sunny winter days and has had very little digital manipulation in it’s post processing.


While shooting the portrait shots, I experimented with a few hands using the projection.  In my next photo-shoot I could try the chest, legs and both male and female bodies. This would allow me to develop the shoot. The arm works really well, the hand gesture is graceful and thin. The thinness of the arm means only a selective part of the projection is seen, this gave me more ways to direct the model and adapt the image into a photo I wanted to create, when experimenting I could try harsher gestures to see how the images can portray different emotions and atmospheres.. The elegance shown in this can relate to the beauty of nature in a similar way to the other photos in this shoot.  The hand has connotations of dancing and ballet, suggesting I could incorporate dancing into my new shoot.


Another way I decided to experiment with this method of double exposure was to use artwork as the projection. Here I used a piece by Dexter Dalwood, this piece was recently displayed in an exhibition in the Saatchi gallery. From this idea I plan to project my own artwork to draw a connection between two styles of art I love: Painting and Photography.


I really enjoyed this photo-shoot! I’m currently planning to do another shoot with the same method; however changing the photos and choosing the selection f photos more carefully, so they link to my work in all artist avenues. Any suggestions or comments are welcomed!


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